Networking in Phoenix area.

I’m a mechanical desinger in the Phoenix, Az area and I’ve been looking for some ground level career entry point into a design feild for quite a while now (I’ve been out of college for 5-years) and found very little oppoutunity. I’ve applied to a few appropriate positions in the past, and didn’t even get an interview. Job placement services haven’t been the least bit helpful, nor has cold calling/kocking/mailing companies. Any suggestions on where to go to increase my oppourtunities and exposure to the design market? I’m pretty frustrated at this point and need some good advice here. I’m pretty sick of working as an grossly overqualified and underpaid cad monkey.


Hmm…always a tough one. Do you have any design experience, or is it all engineering based?

If you do have some design exp., even if you took some classes in school, it may not be a bad idea to put together a professional looking portfolio of both design related and engineering based projects. Then, make some cold calls to local design companies and try to get in the door for some ‘informal’ interviews. After the interviews, pick their brains and get as much feedback from them regarding your portfolio and skillset as possible. That would be my starting point in your position.

You could also look into joining your local IDSA chapter and get involved, goto meetings, talk to as many local professionals as possible. Ask them to look at your stuff, talk to them about your situation. You never know what this type of stuff can lead to.

If all else fails, you might think about taking some night classes in design, if available in your area. Or, maybe consider going back to school for an ID degree :cry:

Hope this is somewhat helpful!


I was in phoenix last spring looking for design firms. Slim pickings.

Maybe you should hook up with some other designers and start something?