Netherland and Paris tour... suggestions?

Hi, in 4 days I’ll leave Lund, in Sweden, to Amsterdam and I will spend a week there in netherland and paris. Iºm currentely prospecting on ID colleges with english (or french) degree. I will stop by Eindhoven for TU/e (Design Academy is not an option because they seem to be more picky towards artistic background people. I’ve just fnished my molecular biology degree so I don’t have any proper background in arts) and then I will go to paris to look for some places there.

I’m open to suggestion on places I should visit.

I’m looking for a more technical (but with enough sketching component as well) degree since I’m from a science background, so TU-e seems to be the best choice (I also know Lunds ID programme which I like, but it is in swedish). Maybe you could suggest some other ID programme?

I would really appreciate any advices.

Hi there,

If I were you I would definately check out the ID programme at the TU in Delft ( . I’m also a student there (almost finished though!) and believe it’s definately worth checking out. (Hand) sketching and drawing is a big part of the progamme as well as a solid technical background.

I just got back from Lund myself actually. Small world hey?

Hope this will help.


hi, thanks for quick reply. I crossed the Delft ID programme sometime ago but noticed that they require Dutch. In Eindhoven the whole programme is in english and thus they don’t require Dutch proficiency test… Even though I still have a year before starting the studies I don’t know if I can learn dutch that fast…


(Keep trying with the Design Academy- persistance can pay off.)

Dutch have a funny way of saying ‘yes’ sometimes- It goes

not possible…
not possible…
not possible…

not possible…

maybe possible.

(Your results may vary- good luck)

Umea design institute, Sweden is the worst choice!!!