Nestle & bottled water in michigan

sorry for the rant, but Nestle, under the Ice Mountain label has been approved by the state of Michigan to drill in Osceola (sp?) for well water which will be piped to their bottling/purification plant… going to be pumping out approximately 78,840,000 gallons per year. That’s a lot of bottles that probably WON’T be ending up at the recycling facility… from what I’ve read only 10% of plastic bottles end up there anyway… the rest find a home at the local land fill (uggh!)

Anyway, given the current state of Michigan’s economy, it’s not hard to see that any company can throw some money at the state gov’t and be able to do business with barely any q’s asked… I somewhat disappointed that the existing fresh water – a not-so renewable resource which normally needs no processing like oil or something would before it gets to the end user, is going to be pumped out of our wells by a foreign company (Swiss) and sold back to us in fancy graphics-laden bottles at profit… I realize that’s how business is done and I bask in the glories of a free capitalist market, but I can’t help thinking why a Michigan-based or at least American company couldn’t have done this… it’s simple technology that’s certainly not beyond our capacity… it’s sad more than anything… again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to big business… i respect big enterprise… just responsible ventures that take into consideration the good for the community not just the individual…

**Remember this is good clean fresh drinking water that becomes very expensive once it’s privatized as such… a resource like air and water are a right, not a luxury.