Nest Wi-Fi Pro mesh router

Nice application of soft minimalism on these. It seems routers have gone one of two directions, either they look like something simple and anonymous (of which I think this is a really nice example) or they look like that thing that pops out of Optimus Prime every time he dies…


I actually have one that looks like a transformer bit, but just because it has like 8 antennas and is super fast. Something like this would be nice to have though.

Full review and all images from The Verge: Nest Wi-Fi Pro review: a faster, more reliable mesh system - The Verge

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Also, how do you think they molded that thing?

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I’d have to look for a parting line… can’t tell from the pictures… Sometimes plastic parts can have secondary finishing post-molding to remove those artifacts. Remember the iPhone 5c? That plastic case was machined (for the power and volume buttons as to not have any knit lines) and polished after injection molding. So I’d have to see the part.


Its a nice form factor.
I like the status LED shining through the material and the gloss coat / candy finish looks nice too.

I assume there is a film insert or some paint over a transparent plastic to create that effect?
I’d love to know more.

As for how they molded the shape, selective marketing materials.
It looks like the press release photos are doing their best to hide a parting line that you can clearly see in the video below.

Looking back at the image of the 3 units on a dresser, I think you can see the parting line on the teal model.

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@fraser_frase aha! I was texting with Spencer and Hector and we were debating if it was a collapsing core and post finished or if the photo angles were hiding something.

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Yeah mold construction doesn’t look too complex with the visible parting line going down the middle.

But that finish! Really makes this product work. It’d be a pretty boring blob otherwise. Also gives it a stone like quality that makes sense in say a living room more than typical consumer electronic finishes. Curious how it’s done though. Clear coat paint?

Goodlooking router.

Although Wifi shouldn’t be used anywhere where NDAs amd confidentiality are on effect.

These are easy targets for pro hackers.