Nest Salt & Pepper Shakers: 1997 - 2023

I was going through some old projects the other day and I came across this old salt & pepper shaker project from college, two simple forms that intersect. More of a prototyping assignment than anything, but a fun little study.

It got me thinking, what would I change about them now… 25 years later?

  1. One is aluminum the other is wood, but which is salt and which is pepper? This could probably be clearer.
  2. One is primitive cylinder and the other has curvature… with the height and material change is the added form difference really needed? I don’t think so.
  3. Why does one have a chamfer and the other doesn’t? That is annoying.

You know how it goes, what starts out as a little thinking turns into a doodle turns into “let me CAD this up real quick”… famous last words. Nothing serious, just having fun :slight_smile: