Nescage Taster's Choice Coffee package

I understand this forum is for the consumer products
mainly for the electronics, but perhaps I could use
this space to give my personal criticism on certain
The newly designerd Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee
package has been changed from old fashioned
glass jar to the living hinged plastic bottle.
The problem is that this would save their money, but
the living hinge on this new bottles fail to be
securely closed. Everytime I use this bottle, the living hinge
just pops up and stay open.
Thus it let the coffee aroma out from its container and
keep it unfresh… Well…its instant anyway but still…it is coffee.
I hope the company notice the problem that they created
and fix it so they can keep their consumer from buying
other products from the shelf.
I was wondering what kind of marketing team created this
package and why can’t they make simple solution that can
solve their money and customers.

happen to have taken an interest. ran out of Tschibo (German import). get that in a brick. when i open that it goes into a container specifically for my coffee. i prefer this method.

most packaging sucks. testing Folgers new plastic container with “Aroma Seal” or whatever. probably wont work. wouldnt expect it to. these companies really just dont care. there are different kinds of Marketing types. some in Product Development who sometimes understand. some in Commodities like coffee who mostly dont. they usually make the call. thats life.

I doubt that most people who drink freeze-dried coffee care about freshness. They do probably care about futuristic-looking packaging.

They have a vested interest in selling you coffee that rapidly goes stale: you need to buy more coffee more often. If they can paradoxically convince you that the best technology is at work to protect your investment in freshness then they’ve got a loyal returning customer base.

preaching to choir. watching coffee freshness. deterioration faster than before i think. may have to separate into separate containers soon. must. protect. coffee.

other pet peeve - wax paper soap boxes.

I’m curious…why don’t you like wax paper soap boxes?

Personally, I think that soap is typically contained in far too much packaging, expecially when you buy the 4-8 pack like me. You first have to tear off some paper sleeve thing that is so well glued you inadvertently tear open at least one box of soap as well. Then you have more paper sleeves glued to the boxes, then finally the box itself. It’s just soap, not gold!

One problem that I have is when I’m almost done with a bar of soap, but I don’t want to unwrap a new bar. So I put the box containing the soap somewhere in the shower, or near enough that I can reach it during my shower, just in case I run out. Then the box gets soaked, of course. The wax in it holds it together enough though that it doesn’t fall apart before I’m ready to use it.

Speaking of packaging, I hate thermoformed clamshell packaging (heat sealed, not snapped together) that is impossible to open, like the kind used for lower-end electronics, etc. I always end up using an xacto knife to slice it all around, sometimes damaging the product in the process, and cutting myself on the sliced edge of the styrene as I try to get the product out.

I understand it’s for security, so it’s hard to seperate the product from the security device in the store. Still it really sucks as a packaging solution.

first, i’ve kept the coffee in the orig container. doing okay. maybe b/c it’s Dark Coffee and it’s strong to begin with. and i really like the molded-in handle. it’s a BIG container. handle makes getting it out of the fridge easy.

wrt Wax Boxes, soap is packaged moist. wax helps lock in moisture. result: soap falls apart quicker during use. not dry enough to last. first thing i do is open up all the boxes. let them dry out. suckers last forever after that!

thought i would mention. coffee transferred to another container yesterday morning. was getting stale. still like the molded-in handle. but like the coffee more. that seal doesn’t work too good i guess.

That’s too funny…my wife did the ad. app. for the Canadian version of the Tasters Choice avert on TV.

Instant coffee like that is HUGE in the UK (that’s where I’m from) and should be kept in a closed container as it does go stale.