Neoprene Soft Goods Manufacturer

I am looking for a company that can manufacture sewn neoprene products.

Anyone have a good contact?

This is going to be for an accessory product to a tech gadget. Low volume production (5K - 10K MOQ).

Hi There,

Im sure that you have already found a suitable manufacturer at this stage but for this or any future requirements my company specialise in the manufacture of softgoods for mobile devices, (phones, tablets etc) and medical softgoods.

If this is of any interest i can be contacted on or on my cell +353 87 9820142. My clients are global so your location does not matter.

Finally i am new to the site so im not sure yet if i am supposed to promote my business on here or not so appologies if i have overstepped the mark.

Best of lucj anyway!!!

Ringit could probably steer you in the right direction, and do awesome prototypes as well.

Awesome link, Slippy! Thanks!

Unfortunately it is too late for the project I was looking for, but I will definitely give them a ring on my next project.

That is a great link Slippyfish… I’ll be contacting ACME soon and will mention where I found them.

Anyone know of any additional soft goods specific prototypers out their similar to ACME?
Thanks…! comes to mind… but I’d love to expand the list.