neoprene options??

hey all,
i’m looking for some innovative products(material applications) with neoprene or neoprene alternatives. any ideas? it will most likely be used for car interior applications so on top of that, I know there are some issues with sowing neoprene because it breaks easy. any alternatives or ideas for making this process easier???

I think most wetsuits are glued then stitiched?

are there any good alternatives to neoprene that sow well?

not any cheaper. Santoprine is a brand with a wide variety of durometers and colours. To stitch it… let me think of other suggestions.

As for product applications… my faverite is to over mold with santoprine so you get the o-ring molded into one housing or another. the result is less parts to be assembled.

santoprene you say… how about odor??? and sun exposure?

I have a neoprene jacket (not for water sports) and I don’t see any glue residues on it. It does have heavy stitching; the edges aren’t “turned in” like in normal fabric for a better finishing, just cut and stitched.

If you contact DuPont proper… they will put you in touch with a plastics specialist that will hold your hand with various different materials you may choose from. They will send you samples… answer your questions, call you back… They are amazing. GE Plastics is in the same category too.