Neon Lightmaking class-Boston Metrowest April 4th

6 week neon lighting design class starting April 4th.

If you have interest in developing your own cold cathode lighting designs, this is a good place to start. We have a full neon lab, and will teach you how to fabricate your own lighting designs.

The class runs on Monday nights and the cost is $350. After you take the class, there will be open lab time available for you to come back and use the equipment.

We also have bench space for one more full-time designer if you are looking for shared space. We have a complete lab, including a 4 axis milling machine, 3d printer, jewelry mill, vacuum caster, cnc router and plasma cutter along with more traditional tools like welders, kilns, saws and the like.

When we are not designing products and art, we teach at night and on the weekends. More information about our classes and studio can be found at

The studio is located at the intersection of Route 2 and 128 on the Lincoln/Lexington line.