I am considering driving down to neocon next week for a day or two to visit the neocon show and further aquatint myself with the contract furniture industry. Having never been I wondered if there was anything that a newbie needed to know about the show.

I have been to ICFF but have been told that the 2 shows are quite different.

Stick to the 7th, 8th and 11th floors. I think those are the big guys. The other floors are just knock off crap and really bad stuff.

the third floor is usually one of the best floors to visit. herman miller, haworth a a few other players are on that level.

i am not going this year. i WAS, but i have to close on a home i am buying.

Thanks for the info!

Will I be able to get a good feel for the show in a day, or do I really need to spend more time there?

One full day was enough for me. The 2nd day is always wandering around trying to find interesting stuff.

one nice thing about the show is that all the Big guys have their new stuff out…usually in prototype or mock up form. Then it takes many more months before you actually see it on the market. Keep you eyes peeled for designers too. I met Niels Diffrient (sp) at the Humanscale booth 2 years ago. he was just sitting there on one of his Liberty chairs.

i go through the whole show rather quickly in one day. i jot down interesting things i want to revisit the next day.

then i go drink/party.

I just posted my images taken from Neocon 2008… I think I might have goton that one Haworth chair mixed up. Could not locate the new stuff on the manufactures websites. Correct me if 'wrong anyone. thanks in advance.

I think I might have goton that one Haworth chair mixed up

I think that is the cobi chair by steelcase.

Thanks for all the info, The show was very interesting I was amazed at the variety of quality and attention to detail amongst manufactures.

this is the cobi chair by steelcase right? I googled the images and words and found no images.

Thats my understanding.

Fixed that. And added a couple more. That chair at the bottom from teknion ships flat.

well, woods can also be modern type depending on the design, thats what i had learn in seeing my friends pictures. i never got the chance to go there myself.