NeoCon: What is your favorite chair?

After this year’s NeoCon conference, would you return for next year’s?

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I just got back from the NeoCon conference in Chicago. I never had a chance to go in the past, so I was really looking forward to the show. I was only there for one day and only saw four floors, but I felt like I walked a marathon.

I was curious what other people’s thoughts are on their most comfortable and surprising chair. I’m sure I missed alot so I want to know if there was a great exhibit that I didn’t see.

I think that I was most impressed with the Steelcase Leap chair. It was the most comfortable and intuitive. All the controls were right were I expected them to be. It seemed as though I know how to operate the chair immediately. Sure it is a $1200 chair, but it seemed worth it.

I was surprised after visting the Herman Miller exhibit that I thought the Mirra was even more comfortable than the Aeron. Size A and B of the Aeron seemed undersized and C was like sitting in my father’s chair as a small kid. I’m sure I didn’t have all the settings tuned for my body, but I was very disappointed with how much better the Mirra felt and operated.

The biggest surprise was the Vecta Rocky chair. I enjoyed the small details that went into the design of this folding, nestable chair line. It seemed that with many nesting chair lines, you fumble through the break down and folding process and are lucky if you are able to accomplish the task on the first try. With the Rocky, you don’t even know what the next step in the process might be, but you realize that you achieved it by accident. The chairs all raise up to a conisistent height after the chair is folded, making it easily nestable. The chairs lock into the same rotation point so the chair backs all align.

I’m sure I missed alot so it there was anything you were particulariuly impressed with, fill me in.

The Mirra was indeed hott. Can’t say I actually sat in too many of the other ones… too busy soaking it all up. Did you catch Fred Dust’s keynote? It was really good.