neocon roll call

i’m down, i’ll be there mon-wed. i don’t know if anything i designed at my last job made it in. anyone else?

I’ll probably be there for at least a couple days.

Planning on it…

I’ll be there trying to hustle myself a new job. Gonna be there Mon. and Tuesday all day if I can.

If you guys are bored after the show there’s a great event going on in one of the artist’s districts on Tuesday. It’s called the Guerilla Truck Show and it’s put together by a local independent designer and the whole premise of the show is it’s a “guerilla furniture show” meant to kinda “upstage Neocon” in it’s own way. They invite area designers to exhibit from the back of a standard rental U-haul cube truck and park them along the dock at the location because it’s in a meat packing district. Theme is whatever you make of it, so it tends to be a pretty diverse showing.

It starts at 6 PM Tues night, address is:

1052 W. Fulton Market.

I’ll be there Mon-Wed. If my prototypes are not ready in time, I’ll have to make due with the DVD video loop I am currently working on for my company’s booth…

anyone have any favs from the show?

i liked the solution in the steelcase showroom with the metal, upholstered sawhorses. i thought it was clever and intriguing.

also, anyone have a clue how knoll made that aluminum honeycomb and plastic top? the transluscent red one on the lovegrove table.

I was intrigued by that as well! Very cool looking…

i liked the SLA wall knoll had beyond that table, behind the tv playing “some like it hot” that’s some boku $$. loved it still.