Neocon quesions....

A couple furniture pieces I did not take good notes on. Anyone help me out by telling me what manufacture they belong too? [/url]

I’m sorry I can’t help out with any comments. I wasn’t able to make it to Chicago this year.

I was curious if you were able to capture any images of the new Humanscale chair designed by Neils Diffrient? I believe it is called the Diffrient World Chair. Core 77’s overview only included a image of the chair with Neils sitting in it. From what I can see on the Humanscale website, this chair is very similar to the Liberty chair, a great chair IMO. Could you comment on how the World and Liberty differ?

I was able meet Neils a couple years ago at Neocon. He seemed like a great guy and I am left completely impressed by his designs.

the quilted looking one is
Spinneyback by Jehs + Laub

based on the Core77 gallery