NeoCon Comments

I recently returned from the 2005 NeoCon Conference in Chicago. There were some very interesting pieces being introduced at the show, but I have to say that this year’s show seemed to miss the excitement that previous years seemed to have. Maybe I am comparing it too heavily to the last two years; conferences that introduced us to the Steelcase Think, HumanScale Liberty Allsteeel Sum and the Herman Miller Mirra. There seemed to be alot more going on at these shows, with more exhibitors and new products being released. This year I had heard some buzz about a new Herman Miller chair, but the Cella was nothing more than a big disappointment, very uncomfortable withan awkward appearance. Other big unveilings included the Haworth Zody and the Humanscale Liberty side chair. My biggest surprise was a German designed chair from Interstuhl.

I am wondering if anyone else shares my feelings of an otherwise bland conference? Is this a reflection of the economy, that smaller seating manufacturers have folded up or chosen not to show at the NeoCon conference.

Great thanks to Core77 for the overview being offered on the Clogger. I was curious what others thought of the conference and if there were any chairs or furniture offerings that I might’ve missed that others thought were interesting.

I was there too and the interstuhl chair is cool they’re going to sell about 5 I think. I saw the first model of the chair at Orgatec 2002 It took them a long time to sort it out. I liked the steelcase isolation tubes. I agree that the new Herman Millar chair was a little bit of a let down.

Wow, I had no idea that the Interstuhl chair was in the works for that long. I’m sure that incorporating the controls into the aluminum base was no easy task. I’m sure there is some sarcasm, but what makes you think that they are only going to sell 5?

I need to ask another stupid question, but what is Orgatec and when and where is it?

For more Neocon 2005 stuff go check out

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the brainstorm Yurt review on core77 was fun.
with it’s round piece of paper in the middle…
round piece of paper reminds e of that simpsons episode when Bart goes to the ‘special’ class. :slight_smile:

Those Metropolitan chairs were really cool - they were made out of some hardened felt process that I’d never seen before. Anyone know anything about that?

I was also loving the Art Center student designs for Bernhardt - and just about eveything else in their line.

The Virco educational furniture was realy sweet, too. Very non-institutional. They told me 2 independent designers did most of their stuff… anyone know who?

The yert was cool and hats off to the Art center crew. Their work was not that manufacturable but really damn nice. Interstuhl will sell 5 silver chairs because they won’t work well with in the context of even the most future forward office space nor are they particularly comfortable. The use of material is a little gratuitous too. Nice design statement nothing more. That being said, If I take my contract furniture hat off. . . I’d love one.

oh ya. Orgatec is biannual and in Cologne. It’s HUGE 3 neocons. go!