NeoCon 2023

Anyone else heading to NeoCon this year?

I’ll be heading to support a client on this Kirei product collection launch I worked on and do some media talks about it:

Outside of that I’ll be walking the show to look for trends and insights and I should have some downtime to connect if anyone wants to.

I’ve never been but the commercial focus sounds worthwhile. Will look into it.

With what you are doing @slippyfish it might be worthwhile to get the commercial interior inspiration and trends!

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A little info on this year’s show:

Material Bank DesignScene happy hour RSVP:

Chicago people, I thought you might be interested:
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Haven’t been to NeoCon in years. Always good for cmf.

And while I’d love to meet you, I am unable to attend.

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Another time then iab! :slightly_frowning_face:

Metropolis is putting on their Sustainability Lab during NeoCon again.

I’ll be there. I’d be happy to meet up!

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@shaggy @Stucon does C77 ever do anything for NeoCon?

A long time ago we did work for Herman Miller that showed at NeoCon. And over the years we’ve probably run a story or two about product launches or installations there. We’ve never hosted an event during NeoCon. Is that what you mean?

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@Stucon yah was thinking of an event… though NeoCon has an abundance of parties so probably no need. Was just curious if you ever did anything. A bunch ID friends are going who are in the contract furniture space, so wasn’t sure if there was any room for an ID get together.

Looking forward to seeing Patricia Urquiola speak!

oh, Philippe Stark is speaking the day before!

A little snippet of Starck’s talk from NeoCon. I didn’t expect him to be funny :smiling_face:

A little NeoCon trend write up from a commercial interior designer perspective: