neocon '06

didn’t go. couldn’t give up the time. our latest product rolled out, but we didn’t take an award. no big deal. client’s happy, lots of people liked it.

heard the show was big on casegoods and tables.

anyone go?

I was there Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. There seemed to quite a bit of hype around the new HermanMiller systems, but I was a bit dissapointed seeing them in person. There was the usual buzz around HM, Steelcase, Hon/Gunlocke, Haworth, KI and Knoll. Lots of interesting new ideas around multi-functionality as well.

All in all, I felt much more impressed attending the 2002/2003 shows.

cool. always love going to chicago. sorry i missed it this year.

Geiger Foray chair is really nice. Won a Neocon Silver award.

Kielhauer Sguieg (SP?) chair was pretty ugly but had some interesting ergonomic ideas happening.

I agree, all the system stuff looks so much the same year after year

Humanscale Liberty chair now has a clever little arm height mechanism. It was fixed height when it launched last year.

I didn’t get to walk the floor all that much. I was helping out in our client’s booth being the token designer for any client that was interested in a meet and greet.

Overall the show seemed to lack the large new releases that I am used to seeing from previous shows. There were some smaller releases that I was really impressed with.

Interstuhl grabbed their second gold in a row for seating. You would think with that kind of success, they would finally find themselves on a floor other than 7 or 8. Their new chair, the mitos, was a smooth ride, but my god, you seemed to be able to recline so much further back than you needed. It would be difficult to work in that chair, but it would be the greatest for taking a nice afternoon work cat nap.

The other chair that I came across that I was really impressed with was a guest/side educational chair from Vecta called the X-Stack. Like any other chair in its category, it is a relatively simple chair, but with a great choice of materials, finish and comfort. This chair featured a soft thermoplastic for the center portion of the back and the seat giving you a nice flexible surface for the tailbone and back. I loved it. I have been raving about it for days.

I was also realy impressed with the new Geiger chair until I found out Geiger is owned by Herman Miller.