Negotiating your salary

So true, except in very specific circumstances I would advise against it and genuinely take the offer and move on. So what does all this say? Negotiate well up front!

Ahhh yes the old scenario where in after you show your boss your letter, he/she simply says congratulations, there is no way we can match that and we wish you the best in your career. be ready to shake their hand and start packing…

I am one who has never been overly impressed when companies come back with a counter offer and are willing to increase your pay, if as an employee you informed them of your desires for a pay raise and they said no until you threaten to leave. The thought is always so you lied, you had the money you just weren’t willing to pony up until you where backed into a corner… Not a good way to continue and grow a relationship

I have been lucky and have never left over money but instead for new opportunities that the current employer couldn’t match or provide, the pay increase just happened to come with it.

That could be the case. In my experience it is more often due to the fact that there are approved budgets that have to be adhered to unless there is an extenuating circumstance, like a high level contributor with an offer letter from another company.

If you are really want to show you are worth more money, the market can back up your assumption with actual proof. The question is if your current employer will agree or send you packing.