Needing some school inputs.

Hello everyone! Long story short, I started my ID degree at my current school…and they have all but officially closed the program. So I’m now looking for new schools. (Undergrad)

I am currently living in Ohio, so I have in-state tuition to any Ohio schools. I applied to UC DAAP but was rejected, though I believe this is because half of my transcripts did not get there, so I was missing a good 20-30 credits from my transcripts. I applied to Ohio State University and was accepted. I am also applying to ASU and SCAD.

From what I understand OSU is a very good school, and is very affordable for me…within reason that is. Around 10k USD a year in tuition. While SCAD is 33k USD a year in tuition. ASU is somewhere inbetween.

My major concern about OSU is that they only allow 18 students to actually take the major after the first year. My teacher who graduated from OSU and is now teaching at UC DAAP says it’s rather painless and I shouldn’t worry about it. But, I’m not a huge fan of betting a year plus tuition, and risk not being accepted.

I plan to re-apply to UC DAAP, but my question is, is there a sizeable advtange to SCAD over OSU or UC? I know UC has a great program, but I’ve read that SCAD is very on the forefront, and has great workshops. But at three times the price, I don’t know if that justifiable. How is the 1st year review at OSU? How are the workshops, etc. Any other input would be great.


…on another note, anyone have opinions or insights about the Academy of Art’s program?

Have you considered the Cleveland Institute of Art? I’m currently a student there, studying industrial design with a focus on automotive design.

Hum, I should apply to that as well. If I recall the tuition was very high or something, there was a reason I avoided it…but thank you! I’ll look at that as well.

From what I remember CIA was very reasonable. Also Columbus College of Art and Design has a program. I’ve visited there as a visiting critic.

Thank you! Will do.

Edit: Now I remember why I crossed them off the list, 30 and 35k for tuition per year. So, I mean, if I would consider SCAD I’d consider those…so really it’s just a are those worth the cost of going in 25k a year in debt possibly.

Does anyone have any experience with OSU’s portfolio review? The projects I have done at my current school have been met with great praise. The products I have made, the independant reviewers wanted to buy. But that doesn’t exactly make me feel like it’d be a breeze either.