Need your suggestion!

I really want to be a mobile phone designer, can anyone help me have a good school in your mind to suggest? I find myself that I don’t like architecture at all I just wanna design a phone.
thanks in advance for your comment again. :smiley:

Personally I would recommend looking into the top product design schools, rather than those that focus specifically on Electronics design.

That’s just me though, I think that keeping your education and outlook more open you will get LOT more out of your design education and experiences, all of which will help you in your eventual field of choice.

Also, I would recommend posting this question here
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Thats the open-mindedness that designers aspire to have. Yes designing ‘a’ phone would be cool, designing them for 10 years may be a different story.

Wheverever you study, make sure you have one hell of an interaction design focus as well, you’ll need it, mobile phone designer or not.