Need your help with this job title...

Here is a job description that I am currently building. I would like your input on what you think the job title would be as well as any other insight. Just in case it is relevant, the job opening is near Corona, California (Norco).

Here it is so far:

Being part of a small R&D team, you will assist in the design and development of automotive performance parts. We are in the automotive aftermarket sports and racing industry, mainly import vehicles but expanding. A passion for cars is a requirement!

Primary Design Duties:
• Design and assist in designing new automotive performance parts. This where your parametric and surface modeling skills will shine. With engineering’s feedback, your models must be parametrically robust to provide multiple design and rapid prototype iterations. A high performance automotive aesthetic sense is required.
• Build rapid prototypes models using in-house large format ZCorp and Dimension printers.
• Assist engineering in product quality, designing testing fixtures and assisting with CAD models during the manufacturing and quality process.

Secondary Duties:
Because we are a small R&D team, each of the team members are expected to have a wide scope of product development competencies and not be constrained by a “job title”.
• Assist engineering in developing and documenting manufacturing processes and end-user instruction manuals. This requires use of basic digital photography, photo manipulation and page layout software.
• Keep measurement and prototyping equipment operational by performing light regular maintenance and coordinating repair services.
• Hands-on participation in process development, deployment and fine-tuning of products and their manufacture.
• Provide regular project update to the management and teammates.
• Performs other duties as assigned and requested, this is a cross functional technical position.

Desired Skills:
• Solidworks: ADVANCED to EXPERT Surface modeling is a MUST.
• Basic knowledge of manufacturing processes such as casting, injection molding, cnc machining is required so that the products you design are suitable for cost effective production. Engineering is available to assist in this area.
• Experience with Romer or Faro measurement arms, laser scanner and point cloud processing is a plus
• Must be well organized
• Must have a “can do” attitude and a willingness to continually self improve and learn, hands on, not just a CAD jockey.
• GD&T experience and ability to create technical drawings is a plus
• As an automotive enthusiast, your knowledge of cars parts terminology is expected
• Basic experience in project planning and task management

looks more like a job posting that is sidestepping corflot.

Borderline… but no company name or contact info so I say Ok.

To answer your question:

I’d say Design Engineer, or you could create some all encompassing title like Director of Design and Engineering.

My vote its for Design Engineering Technician

I would say not an upper management title such as Director… seems more like a do’er then a leader role. Maybe Sr. CAID specialist with automotive back ground.

Your description implies that the persons CAID skill far out weigh any other needed skill set. Potentially Sr. Digital Sculptor, I would defiantly leave Sr. in as it seems that you want someone who can also work without being hand held.

This job opening is definitely not for a degreed “engineer”. Most engineers don’t know surfacing well and even if they did know surfacing for technical applications, they don’t have a practical aesthetic sense for product design.

We are an automotive performance parts company that wants to raise bar in our small industry when it comes to product design.

This person would be the 5th on our R&D team. We have a joke at our company because some of us have “manager” titles and the only person they manage is themselves.

Don’t worry, I’m not soliciting anybody here, anyway, I doubt any of you are near or have even heard of our little town of Norco.

Then it sounds as if you should follow the job roles and titles that you find in the CAID side of the auto industry, one of my friends at GM is : Industrial Design Sculptor at GM

His job is very similar to what you have above, but he uses Alias instead.

On a side note if you need any SW models created while you are waiting to hire your internal designer I would be happy yo help you out :wink:

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