Need your expertise.

I’m new to the freelance game and I was wondering how many of you use contract before starting a job? I’m sure many of you do but my question is how do you introduce it to your client.

Do you meet and agree on terms and then get it in writing?

Do you hand it over before you start designing?

Have u had a client get intimidated when you propose it to them.

And basically “How do you introduce a contract?” What steps does one introduce it.

thanks for your help

…except for nondisclosure agreements, i have never used a contract for services…i submit a project proposal outlining deliverables and fees, but that is usually it…

Same here. Most places that use freelancers regularly will already have a standard that they use, if you’re cool with the terms, then you proceed, or send them a revised version more to your liking. I’ve never had to do that, most are just non-disclosure/non-compete and may have you fill in your hourly rate if that’s how you’re billing.