Need your expert advice - Shoe line

Hi Everyone,
Its been great reading a lot of the posts on here.

Ok, I need your expert advice - working on a project. - forgive me - the questions are a bit rudimentary.

I am looking to develop a women’s dress shoe line, and need some insights.

  1. I would like to know the best way to get a manufacturer - I need recommendations if anyone has one - I would like to start the process of getting some samples made.


  2. know any freelancers that can help with specs/design sketches?

  3. How does it work with regards to materials? Would I need to be responsible for sourcing materials for shoe production?

Just need general insights about the process. I will be taking a footwear course during the summer, so I can get a better understanding of the technicalities.


  1. This is usually the hard part. You can try online, or find a trading company or perhaps even contact the business development office for the country you’d like to produce in. Most designers, including myself don’t normally offer sourcing for new brands because of the risks involved for all (brand and fty).

  2. I can help with this. This is what I do. PM me or email to if you are interested in discussing further.

  3. Yes, either you can source materials, or the production fty can do so, depending what your needs are.

Not sure if you’ve seen it, but you can check my blog, for more info about the development process… too much to go over here.




I do freelance design work for women’s dress shoes currently. I could also help you if you need and put you in contact with some leather suppliers, depending on your target retail prices, etc.

I might be able to help with factories too…check this site out, there seem to be some people here than can help also.