Need to talk to a MICA ED Graduate...

…or someone who knows one.

I visited the school and toured the Environmental Design labs and was not impressed. They seemed very much geared toward city planning with little emphasis on object design. I sat in for part of “Object Design 3” and all they were doing was teaching how to make a mold. I’m learning that now at CCBC Catonsville. It seemed like the degree was more of a “make your own program” type of deal. I’m wondering if its worth going, or if I should be looking at Pratt or Parsons more (this would involve a lot of logistics, moving, new job for my wife, etc) (also, I’m limited where I can go because of family obligations, I have to be able to take a bus and get back to the MD area within a day). Are the professors really into ID?

By the way, I’m particularly interested in creating objects that are functional sculptures if that helps at all.

I’d love to hear about the MICA ED program too . . . I visited on an upcoming-undergrad tour two years ago and didn’t like it for the same reason you stated – objects interest me, city planning, etc. much less so. If I remember correctly, however, the tour at that time was given by the head of the architectural side of ED, and the head of the object/product side of things was away. But it would be nice to hear about a graduate or current student experience.

MICA just isn’t a place for ID, from what I know. They gave it a go a few years back as did Towson but I don’t think you’ll find decent exposure to ID courses any closer than Philly.