Need to protect my product within 2 months...

I found good tips in the other patent thread, thanks for those. However, I have no time to do a patent research (nor hire someone to do that) or money (can afford spending 500 $ at the most). I’d like to participate in a competition in the end of July, so is my only option to send myself a picture of the design in a sealed envelope?!? What does notorization mean? How can I do that? (stupid question but I’m a complete newbie to the design field…)

Thanks guys!

without patent research you take big risk. some patents take years to approve. you only have “Patent Pending”. now you sell idea to company. they spend money on tooling. lot of money. then your patent application is refused. someone else already has patent! that company will be very unhappy.

IF idea is truly great then take time to do it right. get Legal counsel if you want to try to protect idea. dont visit this forum for your answers. not good enough.

i see protection as good for only one thing: companies i know wont talk without patent. only to protect themselves from lawsuits. only reason.