need to learn 3d max...


i need to learn 3d max. can you recommend me a good book that will guid through the program. if there is a “project” guided book (learning the program by building a project), then that would be great.

thanks n adv

Define “need”?

And what aspect of Max do you need to learn? It’s, in no uncertain terms, a HUGE program with so many facets to it that it is impossible to “learn” through a quick tutorial.

If this is for work and you have a short timeline…invest in training.

I agree. It also depends on what you are using it for. Different functionality will take longer that others to learn. I use 3DS on a daily basis and have been for about 2 years now. I know a great deal of the software but there is a lot I don’t know either. If you really want to learn the software invert in some classes. If you want books, there are a ton of them on Amazon or at your local book store. 3DS also comes with some great totorials.

i would like to learn 3ds. but not sure what is a good book. i am new to it. does anyone know of a good book?

thanks n adv

Most everyone of these listed have some decent tutorials for beginners.

The essentials book is nice, and The Bible series is very comprehensive, but you kind of need to know what your looking for in it to find the helpful information, in my experience.

3d max for an industrial designer? Nor sure if to many design firms use max or maybe just for rendering.

3DS Max is used a lot in the packaging and POP feild.

Check out this tread :

I posted a few links on that a while ago

Lynda is pretty good… I was in Thailand recently and picked up the ‘essentials’ video DVD for Max (I’m learning too!) and it’s corny as hell but it’s definitely easier to learn by seeing than reading. It’s about 8/9 hours long overall.