Need to know which 3D rendering program was used.

My company is looking at getting a 3d rendering program and i need some advice on which one was used by our vendors and freelancers. We have emailed a few of them and asked but never gotten a response. It looks like CAD to me but i am not 100%. I am attaching images of one of the old jobs we did and the rendering we got from them. Thanks for any help you guys can give

It looks like either AutoCAD 30 or 3DS max. The models have a very geometric shape to them so I would most likely say that it was a solid modeler rather than a nurb modeler. Also 3DS Max is used for a lot of Architectural renderings but the 3D forms are sometimes created in Auto CAD. I hope that helps.

It could be a lot of things…the problem with identifying this is that its such a basic render, not a lot of advanced technologies like GI, radiosity, sun system, HDRI etc.
Many of the rendering engines have a style or signature that an experienced eye can pick up on, but this one is hard.

Could be 3dsmax (or Vis)…maya…autocad…xsi…rhino…etc etc.

If I had to guess…I’m going with 3dsMax with the scanline renderer.
(That patio texture looks like an older 3dsMax default texture)

The people are from Poser.

Could you clarify what your company is looking for?

  1. renderer: the thing that takes CAD data and makes a somewhat realistic perspective image.

  2. CAD program

I didn’t even know AutoCAD had a renderer. Weird. If you only need renders that are of the quality you show, there are many options.

A few additional questions:

Who is going to use this software? Someone with CAD experience, but no rendering experience? Are you going to hire someone with some experience?

Do you forsee a need for more realistic images?

How flexible is your budget?

Answer C: Polygons, not solids or nurbs.

There is no way to tell precisely what software that was made in. Thats like asking someone to pick up a piece of plastic and tell you what country the factory was in.

Either way theres no advanced features used, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been done in Mental ray with all the advanced features turned off.

We are looking for a the type of images i posted above and dont think at this time we will need more realistic ones.(like maya type stuff) The images are for clients so that they can get a basic feel and look of what things will look like in situation.

Most likely we will train an Art director or one of our Interactive Art Directors in the program. The budget is still up in the air because we are trying to get all the info we can before we make a recommend on which programs to get.

Sorry yes you are right my terminology was wrong. I was just saying how I would build the model.

heres a couple of options that are commonly used for this type of thing:

autoCAD + Accurender
Rhino + Flamingo

the main thing is the application of graphics to 3d models - these programs do that part differently. the only i listed autocad is becuase theres a wide userbase out there already and chances are you would’nt have to do a ton of training there. all things considered i would recomend rhino and flamingo. 3ds max is getting a bit old.

MAX is my bet.

The renderings could have been done with this program…

I am a very big fan of VRay, which can run natively in 3D Studio Max, Rhino and Sketchup. It’s fantastic for Architectural renderings, though it is time/processor consuming.

rendering done in Sketchup?..