Need to find an awesome laptop

My husband is a Marine currnetly deployed but in his off time he does computer graphic design. He needs a GREAT durable laptoop that can do EVERYTHING. But mostly render his graphics fast and hold a LOT of info because he is always on the move. We want to get the latest and greatest but I am afriad I am a little out of the loop of what is out there. Anyone got a good recomendation? I know he uses Photo Shop as well as graphicly inhances photos from his digital camera. He needs a fast laptop cause he doesn’t always have a day to leave his laptop running to render. PLEASE HELP,1738,22,00.asp

(don’t get a mac for a Marine)

Why not a mac, and is there anything I should get or is there a RAM or whatever that it should have at least so much of??

get him the hell home and let him get his own laptop!

we always had freedom!

I don’t know about durability, unfortunately I can’t answer that question.

As far as graphic design goes…I can offer a suggestion. The most important part of the computer with regards to 2D design is the video card. In a laptop, these are sometimes integrated in the mainboard. Don’t get one like that. You’ll want something in addition. Look for names like Nvidia or ATI Radeon. Video cards have seperate RAM also. I would suggest 64 mb of VRAM for your husband.

As far as a processor, I think they are all fairly good. RAM, look for 512 mb at least (you can NEVER have too much RAM). Graphic files are very big, so a lot of storage is a must. Try to get a big hard drive (80 gb+).

As you search, if you have any more questions feel free to post them here! Good luck!

Thanks Guys. This means a lot. I know he would love to buy his own but that isn’t always posible. I really want to get him something he is proud to own and will do the best. Any other info would be great!!!

If he is serious about professional graphic design I would recommend a mac. If he does more web design I would say it really doesn’t matter although I would lean towards a pc.

Best place to post this question is on the Howdesign forum under ‘hardware.’ Here you will find a forum of graphic designers… many professionals not just students.

Here’s the link to the forum:

Its hard to say what to get without more info. If he is running the adobe CS (and he should) then make sure you get enough RAM and a fast enough processor. I have always owned a pc (except for my first mac in 1992.) I use a mac at work but I am still getting up to speed on the tech part… and my system at work is not something I would recommend. (Not enought RAM or processing speed!)