Need to find a scfreen printer who can print on wood.

Does anyone know a company or a screenprinter out there that can print on wood. The wood is 1/2 thick and approx 8 x10.

I don’t know about the printer that can print on wood. You can try silkscreen. Do you want to print in color or in B/W?

I am trying to print 4 -8 colors on a wood surface. Silk screen would be fine. I am having a great deal of trouble find someone capable of this. Any help/leads would be greatly appreciated!!!

The Yellowpages aren’t working? Any silk screener should be able to do this. Their multicolor (I have seen up to eight) printing stations are set up for shirts and other clothing but it would not be difficult to put in a small piece of wood. They would only need double-sided tape to hold it into position.

You also may want to find a sign maker that can silk screen.

My employer prints primarily corporate logos on small metal name badges so we can’t help you with this application. However, there are a couple of things to consider:

  1. It is likely that the wood surface will have to be prepared before printing. Without some kind of clear top-coat, there may be too much absorbtion for printing. As well, the flatness of the surface will affect the ability to screenprint on it.

  2. If the quantity you need is large enough, consider other methods like padprinting, decals or even flat-bed printing.


they’re in chicago and when i got a tour of the place i recall seeing a sample of what you are discribing, but im not sure if it was directly on the wood or a laminate, but it was digital. they also had some cool steel samples.

good guys tho. top notch product too.

Screen printing can definately be done on wood, so any sign shop or similar place should be able to do it.

Or as an alternative, try the direct to substrate printing. It is effectively an giant ink jet printer that prints on just about anything.

These are two companies in Seattle that do both screen printing and direct to substrate:
Ivey Imaging:

Just check the yellow pages for your area!