Need to build my work,anyone got any "briefs" I ca

I am a mature student, (26) returning to uni next year to study ID,I am already in one school but I have to interviews over the next six months for two fantastic schools. my problem is. I feel my portfolio and design know need a huge boost!
so what am I am asking for is some briefs off you guys I can work on, books you think I should read and magazines. :bulb:
I am not in any school at the moment, thats why I have to ask for any help.



Mature student at 26?! P L E A S E!

There’s a book called “why there are no locks on the bathroom door” if you can find it, it’s great.

The ideo book isn’t bad. Get one of the gnomon sketching videos, the star wars concept art books. Do a search on amazon and google for industrial design or designers.

As for your portfolio, think about ways that you have solved problems through design, then show it as thoroughly as possible. Include some fine art, but not too much. If you have any drafting, that’s important. You can download a free eval of Rhino and study the tutorials, include some of that. Mostly, do things that you are most interested in, that you love.

Consider making an appointment with the dept head, and ask if they can make some suggestions or introduce you to someone in the dept.

Don’t worry if your skills are not awesome yet, that’s what you go to school for. You want to show passion, interest, and aptitude - solving problems, functional, visual, easier to use, less fatigue, etc.

If you don’t get in with all that, then it’s likely for the best, ie you should pursue other things that take more advantage of the things you’re interested in and have aptitude for.

good luck! I was in the same situation not long ago…

cheers mate,

things are slowly “coming together” I have ordered that book, so, along with my others, I have some hard core ID reading to do!

what was your situation? how’s it all going now?

thanks again, I will now spend the winter months sketching and reading!

cheers, DT

Glad my suggestions were helpful-

I forgot which topic this post was under, would’ve responded sooner.

I was bored with my old career, and wanted to go to grad school, accidentally discovered ID. It was all the things I thought I would be doing as an engineer, always wanted to do, just didn’t know about it!

Had to submit a portfolio, had no idea what to put in it, but after thinking about it, I realized I had already designed and built dozens of things. Did most of the things I suggested to you, and got in with a dept. scholarship!

Quit my job, finishing my thesis, looking for design work!

best of luck to you!

Hey DT -

Keep at it. Sounds loike you are off to a good start. I wouldn’t consider 26 as a “mature” student, but you will probably have a better focus than you school mates.

Hey Guest -

Is there someplace to view your portfolio or resume? Or an email address?