Need some photoshop help.

Ok, so I am usually doing shoes but decided to fiddle around with a sketch in photoshop. I had scanned in a B&W sketch and was trying to add some color in PS. I set the brush to “multiply” and was working on a layer on top of the sketch. My problem is, how do I keep the gray on the sweatshirt (for example) from overlaying and washing out my original black line art? This looks like a$$ so I gave up. Do I need to go back over all the black areas with an eraser and tediously erase all the gray from the color layer??? There has to be a better way! Thanks in advance!

If I understand you correctly, this one is easy. Take your scan layer and set it to multiply. Then add another layer below your scan layer and leave it at normal.

The line-art layer is the one that should be set to “multiply” and it should always be on the top of your color layers.

Does this do what you want?

+1 at what skyarrow said…you need to work below the layer that you’ve set to multiply.

If its just the linework that you want to retain, you could play with the levels (Ctrl + L & move the right slider leftwards)…or you could even dodge out the greys (use the midtones option while using dodge).

thanks a TON! I do believe that solved it. I knew that had to be an easy one :wink: