Need some input for first aid kit survey

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I’m working on a school project redesigning a first aid kit for home use. I created this survey to gain some insight into where the kits live in the home and how they are used. If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, I’d appreciate your input:

Thanks for your help!

I can’t think of anything succinct for now, but do consider first aid kits used by emergency services (police, fire departments, paramedics), the military, mountain climbers/adventurers, Boy/Girl Scouts, and even astronauts. They’re carefully designed and typically every items in them has a darn good reason for being there…and each item may serve multiple purposes.


Okay, I guess I do have a couple more minutes. The above post can be used as supplementary or comparative material regarding the placement/use in the home. I used to be with NASA’s shuttle/station mission operations group as well as a volunteer firefighter…so maybe I’m a bit picky about where I have my first aid kits, but here’s my scoop:

PLACEMENT: At table height or lower in/near the kitchen and another in the garage. Stand alone supplies (packs of bandages, antibiotic ointments, etc.) are in the bathroom.
USE: Typically for items beyond common cuts - probably injuries that would require gauze such as a burn or deep cut. Also the kit is used to hold a elastic wrap (Ace bandage/wrap or similar) that comes in handy for joint injuries.



It is nice to see a good survey, most posted to this board are absolutely horrible. One suggestion for the future, in the question where you prioritize attributes of the product, I would also have the respondents weigh the value of each attribute. E.g. - How critical are High Quality Supplies, where 1 is not at all critical and and 7 is extremely critical. That information will assist in any future decision making process.

I’m done to. I mentioned it in my survey, but one of the most important things for me would be to make everything one handed use. When you cut yourself and your on your own, you have to apply pressure to the wound with one hand whilst trying to do everything else with the other. Anything fiddly is a complete pain. There was a guy who designed a plaster that could be applied with one hand for a competition called the ‘DBA design challenge’ a few years ago - very interesting result.

For this project I intentionally narrowed the scope to home use. However, I plan on looking at more extreme use case scenarios to potentially apply beneficial attributes back to my project. All of your suggestions are great, I’ll take them into account moving forward.

Thanks all for your feedback. Please keep them (along with survey responses) coming!

I did a really good (well i think so) re-design of the first aid kit for a portfolio to show when going to univerity.

I dont have a digital copy on me but perhaps you should think about the layout inside, identical packaging is very confusing when you are panicking. Try to make things openable and useable with one hand because if you cut the other you are stuffed with most normal bandage packaging.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted responses and gave some advice from experience! I created a follow-up based on a direction found in my initial feedback and would appreciate if you could fill this out as well. No worries if you didn’t complete the first survey.

I’ll share the final design after the semester is over…(8 more days!!)

Error on survey.

There is only a choice up to yearly for frequency of use. I’ve never used my first aid kits in the multiple years that I’ve owned them. Knock on wood I guess.

I just put yearly, but I don’t get messed up that much.

It would be nice to see something that can handle more severe cuts.