need some flash help for IxD. anyone recommend tutorials?

I’ve been trying to self educate for the past week and am getting nowhere. the only tutorials I find are “web design” centric. I’ve got a project due on thursday and am at wits end.

I basically just need to throw down a background jpg, put some transparent “buttons” over it, and make some areas “light up” when buttons are clicked.

can anyone help, or point me to tutorials that actually give me the information I need?

Can you fake it in a program that you are more familiar with? Fake UI follow through with the image of a cursor over a button to indicate the area clicked, done in static images in Illustrator presented in a PDF slideshow? I’ve even made an interactive UI in Powerpoint before believe it or not with full rollover actions and all (webdesign for idiots?)?

No need to complicate things if the general UI principles are all you are looking to communicate…


I have done the powerpoint method in the past, but could really use an actual interactive environment for this… and I’m going to have to learn this stuff at somepoint anyhow. I tried to do something with visual C#, but I’m very dusty on that and couldn’t get anywhere.

Powerpoint can be interactive. buttons, rollovers, etc. Klugey, but works


chek the following websites , ,


The basic tutorials built in Flash should give you enough info for what you are describing.

But I haven’t written in Flash in 5 years, so take that for what its worth.

Agreed both with fake it in a program you know, and with the most basic flash tutorials teaching you what you need to know for this.

Do you know Adobe InDesign? I haven’t used them in a while, but the last few versions of InDesign have relatively easy to use interactive tools and I believe there are also some options for back and forth with Flash. There are quite a few online tutorials for this on YouTube.

The threads a bit old, but this may still help someone. My favourite Flash tutorials by far are by a guy called Lee Brimelow …

Ps There’s an archive link at the bottom of the page for older Flash tutorials