Need some feedback please

This is my first basketball sneaker rendering. I need some feedback and suggestions on the materials. The shoe is basically inspired by classic Air Jordan look. I want this shoe to have a dose of retro, but but the performance of a contemporary basketball shoe. I’m not very good with technical stuff, as I don’t have school, but I’d like the big red part around the shoe to be patten leather, as the outsole is actually inside. Is this practical or maybe it could be some kind of rubber-synthetic leather that would be better for that part of the shoe and injuries prevention (with the same shiny look). Also, I’m building my portfolio and I’d like to include this shoe - is the look of the presentation ok, or I should include back view and my only sketch I made prior importing it to ilustrator/photoshop?
NIKE BSKT 1 sketch.jpg

The design is good,but you should explore more with more sketches and refine each details to work better. By doing so you will end up with a lot of sketches and a better refine design for your portfolio.Keep going :slight_smile:

Thanks flight. :smiley:

More colors…