Need some feedback on a school project

Hello All i’m looking for some feedback on a school project I’m doing. Unfortunately our class has not had very much critique time, so I’m here hoping to get some. I hope this is the right spot for it. Apologies if I’m in the wrong section.

We are designing a “thing” to organize other things. So I chose to focus on things that affected me personally. Small things in my room are in need of a proper organinzing area/system

cell phone
spare change
watch, jewelry
outgoing mail

I wanted to create a pleasing form that would both accommodate these things and add to the visuals of my walls.

Water jet cut mild steel powder coated
Routed layers of miscellaneous wood which are then laminated together

Any comments, critiques, suggestions are welcome!

I think it’s a fun idea, and kind of unique in that it’s not built into the wall. What is the scale? I thought it was like a big furniture piece at first.

Also, what do you spend your time in class on? 90% of my class time is spent in critiques.

Hello thanks for the quick feedback. sorry about the lack of scale the item is about 16" wide and 9" high. I plan for it to be mounted on the wall near a door.

I’m kinda frustrated with my class because I wish there were more opportunities for constructive feedback and critiques. Thats why I posted it here in hopes I could get some more feedback to really improve my design. I think I have been designing so much within my own world that I really need some other peoples thoughts

Thanks again so much

Yeah, definitely get all the feedback you can. I would even mention it to the professors or a least try to get together as students. I also highly recommend these boards, there are a lot of people here that are very kind and helpful. It’s a great community.

Hi Cameron,

thanks for the feedback I really feel that i improve them most when people give me feedback on my projects. So hopefully i can get a lot from here.

I really like your work especially how its laid out and each product tells a full story


I like idea idea of this, it is a needed item. Modern life is full of pocket stuff that ends up scattered all over the home.

I think you need to back up and establish where this will be sold. IE if at DWR, then put together a mood board of other DWR products and show how it fits in.

Start sketching it on the wall in a more perspective that approaches isometric a bit more. Right now your perspective is giving the impression this is 4 feet tall.

The amount of detail if also making it look bigger. If this is a wall item, then I think people would want it to look visually a bit more simple. Remember, this is an object intended to simplify and organize life. Its visual should reflect this.

I’d also start pulling images of the types of homes and interiors you envision this in to build a visual language that relates to your result.

Finally, is there a way to work in modularity for ease of manufacture? IE the wood is always the same, but there are 5 colors of the powder coated bent metal piece that can be swapped in and out?

Hello thanks for the helpful feedback, My idea was for the piece to be sold at Arkitectura in Situ here in San Francisco, a sort of modern living shop.

I will do a sketch of it in use on a wall, hopefully that will further clarify its intended use. You make a good point of matching the function to the form.

So for manufacturing purposes I was hoping to make it simple by using a bent sheet of metal that could be powdercoated many different colors. Do you have any suggestions on how I would manufacture the wooden part? I was planning on using 1" pieces that were milled out then sandwich about 5 pieces together to make the form.

Also I’m trying to figure out the best mounting ideas for it

Thanks again!

So here is a mood board i worked on prior to beginning the design process. I’m going to work on a rendering with the organizer in context of the wall.

Any feedback is welcomed


hmmm, this is a good “design inspiration” board, but it might help to have more of a collection of images that is comprised of the types of environments this will be in… for example, a collection of images of loft apartments and the people that live there…

do you see this at stores like: