Need some basic photoshop help...


I am confused about how to scan an image into photoshop without seeing the paper it was drawn on. I have been searching for quite a while now online, and everything I find on scanning drawings (line art) into photoshop seems to skip this step. What am I missing? Is it a scanner setting and not something that is done in photoshop?

In illustrator I just used live trace, but is there anything like that in photoshop? Im still a PS newb by the way :slight_smile:


if u set the layer to multiply (from the little drop down menu above the layer tree) it will make anything white “invisible”. You may need to use the white colour picker from the Levels (Image menu > levels) to adjust the image depending on your scan.

We generally use the levels command on the appropriate layer, or create and adjustment layer above the layer in question, before using levels and the eraser tool.

The scanner’s default setting should generally be used.

Turning it into a multiply layer is a good way to go, after that you can adjust the levels or just use brightness/contrast to fade out the paper. A white brush may be used instead of the eraser if you want your image layer to not have “holes”.

Awseome I got it :sunglasses:

Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it.