need some advice

ok, so for some time now i’ve been really thinking about going back to school to study ID. i’ve decided this is what i want to do, now i need advice with the approach/application for someone in my shoes. more or less i don’t have any design experience and already have my undergrad degree in education. (little experience = working with a small furniture designer and coming up with my own designs, will be building one soon) i’m also working on small projects of my own to build a portfolio. i basically have 2 questions.

  1. do i have to do undergrad all over again, or if my portfolio is strong enough will i be able to jump into grad school?
  2. how many pieces will i need for my portfolio?



I think that you’ll find most people recommend you start at the undergrad level. Could you elaborate on your previous experience? Some grad programs, like Pratt’s are geared for those without a design undergrad, so look into them. Most other Grad programs assume/require a design undergrad.

As far as the number of things in your portfolio, all that information will be on the website of the schools you are interested in.

Browse old discussions on these boards as there have been numerous others about people in your position.

Good luck