need some advice concerning coffee company's logo

Dear friends!
I really need your help. Who has the idea of what can be the logo of the company that sells natural coffee capsules? All the basic ideas used repeatedly: cup, coffee bean, “fragrant smoke”)) … And you want, as usual ))), to find something brilliant, extraordinary, that would make eyes fixed on
I would appreciate it if you could give me some ideas!!!)))

Coffe company logo make on brown colour cup. like Nestle company. but you small size logo.

What would Aaron Draplin do?

Call it “8 Ball”, with the billiard ball as the logo.
Simple one color graphic, punny drug reference, make the capsules spherical.
You can pay me $100k when you make your first million.

I’m more interested in what Mike Monteiro would say. :slight_smile:

Of course, but Modern Man was waiting for Clue to come back and tell us about his problems getting paid for that logo.

I got excited and jumped the gun.

Well, to your defense, the getting paid problem seems almost inevitable anyway, so why wait?

This is a nice example


Modern Man likes these because he F**king Loves Coffee and he has Great Taste!

Modern Man walks off toward his espresso machine for another hit.

[ Deleted ]

I’ve always been partial to La Colombe:

You have to be more specific about your product, for example, if it has any special features or any unusual flavor, mention that if it is not a problem with you and then people might find it easier to suggest some innovative design.