Need Solidworks help pls!

Hello CAD Fellows,

i need your help in creating this type of geometry on a tappered curved surface. i have tries this type of techniques, but had no luck…can someone please give me some input.

thank you.

If you change the convex form into two straith planes that roughly follow the curve, you can use the example you showed.
If you want straight planes like the example, i think this would be the only way.

can you please explain what you mean by “change the convex form into two straith planes that roughly follow the curve”…

thanks for your feed back.

A cheat way is to import a model into meshlab:

The latest version of meshlab I downloaded, the process was slightly different, but you can still work it out from the tutorial.

Import the model back into solidworks, offset all the surfaces 0mm, make solid.

You can follow the initial method to a degree. Just make sure your geometry adds up before you go nuts. The polygon on the top and bottom of your circular caps should have the same number of edges/vertices as the amount of edges you want about the revolved surface.

From there, its just some simple surface manipulation.

Here is the example file.


quick drawing to illustrate what i mean:

thank you for the help! unfortunately I am unable to open the file (im running 2013) or see the first image (its a thumbnail, not large like the rest of pics)…i am trying to figure it out (based on the tree shown) how you got the slices on the revolve, but its still confusing lol…sorry :frowning:

thank you JanD and sanjy009 for the explanation…
Another option. If you are exploring shapes like this then Rhino and Grasshopper might be the more appropriate.
These are not as tedious because they are radial arrays. Anything non uniform would a pain in the butt and very manual in any program.