need rubber coating advice

I am doing seat prototype for kids… and thinking about maybe using rubber coating on top of MDF… well, I am looking for something softer (or it should feel better to touch, whatever than means) than usual Plasti dip stuff.

Any ideas? Ideally it would be sprayable… but dipping may work too.

I came across these seats by dotkite design here: (PDF link)

They use “Multisoft” rubber - but I could not find any info on it on-line. Maybe it is proprietary material.

Any help appreciated!

It might be a soft (Shore A) durometer urethane.

Sprayable urethane “rubber”.

Not exactly “application specific”, and would need UV stabilizers to survive outdoors.

check out soft touch paint from Also corp

Also it may be worth trying

Industrial Polymers

Thanks a lot for the info… I contacted ALSAcorp to get some samples of softpaint.
Will let you know how it looks like.