need RHINO help. importing AI files?

my book… inside Rhino… says i can import/open adobe illustrator files in rhino. When I try it says there are no objects that fit the AI standard in the file. Anyone know what this means?

Well I don’t really know in your case, but Rhino recognizes paths that you create in illustrator, just like how Illustrator can read curves created in Rhino. So if you have any graphic in your ai file, I don’t think it’s going to work.

If you just want to import the paths, try to save it as *dxf. Rhino reads that file for sure.

Also save to legacy AI like AI version 8. Sometimes Rhino only recognizes old versions of AI

Legacy is correct - Export it as an Illustrator legacy file - the oldest version that you can (usually 2 or 3). your linework won’t suffer or anything for it - you won’t notice difference.

You may need to save your vector file as a DWG’s in Illustrator. Importing DWG’s is alot easier than importing EPS.

My problem is that I can extrude and manipulate some imported DWG’s, but I can never bollean them