need precsion drilling into steel

Having trouble finding someone/someplace that can drill two precise holes into a steel press (arm & plate) in order to set some tips. I don’t have acess to a good shop, or know where to trun.
any suggestions would be great!

What do you mean by “precise” exactly? Need to know hole diameter, depth, along with positioning and diametric tolerances to give much advice. Your geographic location would help to.

Look up “machinists” in your local yellow page or use Google Local.

I’m an artist in nyc- garment district. I tried the google and yellow pages, but they turned up places across the Eastern seaboard, and my little task was well beneath them.
I haven’t used the micrometer to measure yet, but roughly 1/6th" in diameter and 3/4" in depth.
positions would be the corresponding ram and plate of a small press. here’s a link to it.
the arbor press with rotating plate, McMaster-Carr cat. page#2173


Link doesn’t work, but I know what you’re talking about. That doesn’t sound precise at all by machining standards. This isn’t very specific help, but try to find a small one man shop. Anybody with a drill press ought to be able to do that. If I lived in New York, I could do it in my garage. If I had a garage in New York.

Phone book. Yellow, etc…

Even though they use computerized machines, I’ve found that most machinists, tool/die makers and fabricators care more about word of mouth than the Web. There should be a few choices in metro New York.


Try this search term “metal fabricator”

With the loose dimensions you’ve given, you could probably do it with a hand drill. A drill press would be more than adequate, and getting it done by a licensed machinist is probably quite above the tolerance you need. Machinists tend to work in thousandths and ten-thousandths of an inch, not “roughly 1/6"”.

Any small machine shop should have a drill press. Or you could just pick one up at a hardware store.

Try positng a your request on in the New York area. I’m sure you will find someone looking to make a couple of bucks.

I used to go to this old fashioned rivet shop to get any small jobs like this done. It was the last of its kind in NYC. But, alas, it has closed.
thanks everyone for your help!