need material sourcing help- silicone like material

hello im working in a toy project that requires an injection molded polymer. It is for a joint that will connect wooden dowels to each other, These joints need to be stiff enough to keep the dowels in place and yet plastic enough that they can be moved around when placed in the joint. Im researching synthetic elastomers, acrylic elastomers. Ideally these parts would be injection molded or done with elastomeric casting

any thoughts or good resources

Not only meant at you but the many people who get this wrong:

Silicon is SAND

Silicone is a Thermoset elastomer

If you need a Thermoplastic elastomer look up companies like GLS

thank you must have missed that, I will look into GLS

Does anyone know a good source/distributor for yellow carivng foam, medium density, in blocks 4 x8 feet?, 2 foot thickness.?

The 4’ x 8’ dimension isn’t too difficult to obtain, it’s the 2’ [thick] dimension that’s tough. Called a “bun” they used to be readily available. Not so much anymore.

That said, thinner sheets are cut from buns … so it’s just a matter of finding a source.

I’d spend some time here:

These guys might be a good place to call:
Elliott Company of Indianapolis
9200 Zionsville Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
(800) 545-1213 - Toll Free

I’d also try a “search” of this forum [Materials & Processes] . The subject of “foam” is well covered.