Need Land Rover Mech. - Denver area

My sister-in-law is in need of a Land Rover mechanic in the Denver area (Bailey).

Leaking head gaskets, water pump, 170+K on the clock (possible rebuild).

Immediate need.

Anyone familiar with a good Wrench?


Hey man,

Wish I could help by giving you an educated / informed / experienced answer… here’s what I found online though

several mechanic databases and land rover forums that could be of help…

I always had GREAT luck with my old SAABs when I needed them repaired. the only way to keep strange cars on the road is via web forums in my opinion.

Thanks Taylor,

It’s my siter-in-law’s. Single, with two boys (one a senior in h.s.), she can’t afford to finance a new car She bought it new, and with a 170K+ on the odometer, I’m suggesting she have the engine rebuilt. She knows the complete history of the vehicle and other than brakes, and oil changes, this is the first problem she’s had with it.

Just need to find a reliable mechanic.