need info for school project from designers in their 20's

hi im doing a project in school that has to do with the life styles of young industrial designers in their 20’s. We have to design a piece of furniture for the product that fits into the lifestyle of our selected group. I just need to know what piece of furniture is the most important piece in your daily routine. where do you spend most of your time at home? do you live in a house or apartment? What draws you into buying a piece of furniture? if it looks good but expensive, will you still buy it? Any information will be useful.

Thank you

Hi im a 21yr old ID student.
the most important pieces of furniture for me would be my desk and my bed, obviously i use my bed for sleeping in but i also do alot of concept generation sketching type work on it, sometimes i like to get away from having my computer staring at me and sit on my bed and lay all my design sheets etc out in front of me. if im at my desk i like to throw them up on the wall, which can make the landlords grumpy, some dont like you using blue-tack on the walls. Also we often watch films on one of our computers and then everyone will sit on the bed- result of having a small room and only one chair! so id say my bed was most important
at uni i live in a house with 3 other design students. As a student cost is an important factor and so i probably wouldnt buy a piece of furniture just because it looked lovely, although it might make me want to! I think the chance to personalise it would be cool, especially if you are targeting it to young creative types.

One thing I thought of when I was in school- was what to eat on.

I’m not s small guy, but some of my buddies are now are lineman in the NFL. Try fighting over coffee table space with a couple 300 pound men. TV trays are for the most part ugly or top heavy. I did some mixture of the two…

I bring this up because most people in that age group don’t use (or let alone own) a kitchen table. Most end up on the coffee table or on a lap with the soda sitting between your feet.

Just a thought.

i think it has to be my desk. I still eat and work off it, and I also made and then modifed my own desk as I moved houses.

thanks people for replying, this is very helpful. I figured the bed would be the most important part but just needed some real info. thank you. im still researching but thanks for the info.