need ideas for a "class ring"

In my school (Emily Carr) there’s been an unofficial “class ring” that the ID students make every year for themselves. It’s not literally a ring though. Last year they made a silver-plated push stick pendant, since in our 2nd year we all had to make a wooden push stick as a wood workshop exercise using the pin-router. As this is my final year we’re starting to talk about what our “class ring” would be.

So far we’ve had ideas fromlaser-etched Moleskin covers, personalized business card holders, to scale (solid cast in brass, copper, or ??) model of our campus or building. Any ideas/suggestions that would make a cool ring?

Also has there been similar traditions in your programs?

Thanks ~Nick

A couple of us machined our own loops when I graduated in 1991. I had it up until my son left in his pocket when I ran his jeans through the wash last year. Now it is no more but it was cool and many people commented on it.

our school (Carleton) has been doing rings since the school began I think. They change the design every 5 years of so. I still wear mine 10 years later (though it’s so tight I’m not sure I could even get it off if I wanted to!). It’s meant to be worn on the pinky ring though so sometimes I get mistaken for an engineer (not even going to comment).

I think rings are nice. I don’t see how a moleskin cover, business card holder or anything like that would be very good though. Not at all symbolic and definitely not permanent or something all can/will use. It should have some meaning and be something that makes you think of your school 10-20 years down the line, right?


At my school we get a brass pencil with our name engraved. Think theres graduation year and school name too.

The students who graduated last year gave the head professor a brass pencilsharpener in return.