Need ID Shop Equipment & Access Input from current students


I’m graduating this spring with my undergrad in math and a minor in art from a liberal arts colleges in upstate NY. I’m looking at either a Post-Baccaleureate second degree or a 3-yr Grad degree in ID and am still torn on the best way to go.

Having now visited very few schools, I’m wondering of the impression by current or recently graduated ID students concerning access to and availability of high quality ID Shop Equipment including CDC, 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, etc. If you can provide me background on how often these were used in your education and what percentages of assignments even morphed to include models or modeling, that would also be very helpful. Schools I am looking at presently include the following: Carleton, RISD, Pratt, VA Tech, NC State, GA Tech, UCinn, Metro State in Denver, Emily Carr, Western WA, UWashington, CCA and Art Center.