need iBook exact display width [not diagonal]

Hello All,

I am looking for the exact viewable display width of a 14.1 iBook. Can someone quickly measure there iBook and get back to me.


i forgot to mention that i need the exact width of the 14.1 iBook display. apologies for not being clear on this.

You could try a little geometry…

14.1" diagonal, and it’s a 4:3 ratio display. So

(4x)^2 +(3x)^2 = (14.1)^2
16x^2 + 9x^2 = 198.81
25x^2 = 198.81
x^2 = 7.95
x = 2.82

Thus the width, being 4 x’s long, is 11.28 inches. The height is 8.46 inches. These check out to 14.099 inches diagonally.
Note: this may be plus an extra 0.125" or so, based on the little black bezel around my 20" ACD.

Math is your friend.


as a math guy that may have just brought a tear to my eye.




Outstanding talent calls home.

Well, at least I got something design-related from those first-year calculus and linear algebra courses.
Actually, no, I lied. That was more like grade 10 algebra. Still useful though.