need help with project !!!!!

Im in the 6th semester of my course . Im currently doing my Bdes from Pune, India. This semester i have chosen to come up with the design of a emegency kit which comes in use during heart attacks. This kit would be used in homes in order to avoid fatal situations. My faculty seems happy with my choice of project.
has any work been done on this field before ? need help
Can it be possible to come with a viable solution for this problem?
i think, i might have to change my problem statement as i go on with my research.
Please post a few links of people who have done work in similar fields?

tons have projects have been done on this (not to say a better solution still isnt out there).

google defribullator and you’ll get a good start…


thanks for posting in… What i am aiming towards is a device that can be used by the common man , not just a specialist( as what i see in case of a difribullator or tell me if common people also use it) … the device has to work in panic situations at homes… please throw some light since difribullators arent commonly used in small towns in india… also bear with any level of stupidity in posing the questions

Do you mean kind of like the one that was done by Philips and won a Gold and Silver in the IDEAs awards back in '97?

That one, plus I know I have seen others for “common people use”.

Try doing some research to start, and Im sure you will find something. Its a pretty common project for redesign and I know I have also seen it lots as student projects.

Most public defibrillators as used on planes, in shopping malls, etc. are exactly as you described, to be used by an untrained person.