Need Help with Portfolio for School

I will be applying for I.D. school next fall and was wondering what are the most important things to keep in mind when working on a portfolio.? What type of things do schools look for when accepting new students? Is there anything that sets one portfolio apart from another?

Thanks, any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Peter D.

every program at every school is different, you should really contact the school for specifics…you might also want to look into talking to others who have been accepted about their portfolios

good luck!

If you have any pieces that get strong reactions from those around you, chances are they’ll appeal to the profs who are looking at them too. If you can go to the school website you might be able to find examples of past student works that were displayed or awarded. That should give you an indication.
It’s okay to contact the school you want to go to and ask what they’re looking for. It shows that you are dedicated. A lot of people appreciate that.
Good Luck!

I agree- get to know them first and with research you can give them a compelling case why you would would be valuable. Show them how you have worked out problems in the past- doesn’t even have to be design. They want to see how you think.