Need help with material to be used

Hi guys
I am new here, i just wanted to know which pens should be used for sketching products and cars
using normal pencil it smudges

most important thing i live in india, we dont get bic pens here
so if you could suggest some pens it would be great :smiley:

Ah, this is tough as I am always changing my mind on what I actually like. :wink:

I am currently a fan of “Ultra Fine” Sharpies if you have access to those:

The standard “Fine” Sharpie is also great for really quick, confident, large drawings but maybe a little big for more than a couple sketches per page while maintaining some small details.

Normal ballpoint pens are great to try – I used to like them more but I noticed that I got too slow and meticulous with them because it is hard to go over lines repeatedly. I like the Ultra Fine Sharpies now because there is enough bleed that you can go over lines without it being too “hairy.” But some folks do great with them and they are very cheap which is nice.

If you like pencil, you should try colored pencils (a lot of ID people use either black or color Prismacolor colored pencils), which don’t smudge like graphite.

But really, give anything a shot, experiment and see what works with you!

Everybody has their own preference. I always found sharpies to bleed but I guess that depends on your paper. I personally enjoy using the ball point pens and felt pens below.

I love these Jetstream ballpoint pens for rough sketches, so smooth and they seem to dry quickly.

I also like the Pilot Razor Point pens for line work.